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Anavex 2-73: While We Wait


Many of the so-called red flags raised against Anavex 2-73 may be red herrings.

Anavex 2-73 may at least slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease by inhibiting the formation of peroxynitrite.

Several others diseases are linked to peroxynitrite formation so Anavex 2-73 may have other applications.

Often times, the most difficult time for a company and its investors is the period between results. In the case of Anavex (NASDAQ:AVXL) supporters, it has been particularly frustrating to see so many red flags raised against the company which may well turn out to be red herrings.

The only really important question in the end is does Anavex 2-73 work. To try to answer this question , it may be useful to try to further refine the mechanism behind Anavex 2-73.

To set the table, Alzheimer's disease is probably caused in part by the overactivation of receptors that lead to the activation of phospholipase C. The "trick" of the disease is that the activation of phospholipase C leads to two pathways that are closely connected but still partially independent of each other. The first pathway leads to the release of intracellular calcium which in turn contributes to the formation of amyloid oligomers, tau tangles (hyperphosphorylated tau), and to high levels of acetylcholinesterase activity early in the disease. The second pathway leads to...