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DO IT Yourself: Wedding Photography Tips

It is always advisable to get a professional photographer for your wedding, but this can be expensive, and the photographer may not capture all the moments. One alternative is by getting a good friend to do the photography for you concurrently with the professional photographer. By doing so, you will have a variety of photos, taken by different people at different angles. However, since you and your friend are not professional photographers you need to follow some basic wedding photography tips to ensure you get the best results.

Create a Photographing List

Planning is everything when photography is involved. Taking a bunch of random photos will result in poor capturing the crucial moments and over focusing on one area. Create a list of the people and locations that your wedding photography should capture. Your list should be unique, plan to photograph the areas that not every photographer would consider.

Capture the Small Detail

The small details are usually some of the most memorable events of the wedding. Taking photos of the rings while they are still in their casing is an excellent idea. Capturing the reaction of the parents’ in-law is also a good situation where you can obtain the small detail.

Scout the Wedding Location

Since you already know the locations of all the wedding events, it is advisable to visit the places prior to the actual wedding to see where you can get the best pictures. Scout the location and find ways to access the best spots for wedding photography. Scouting will give you the advantage to be able to navigate quickly on the actual wedding day.

Confidence and Courtesy

One of the most annoying situations in a wedding is having a photographer always obstructing the proceedings of the wedding. The crowd will constantly be tilting their heads to see beyond the photographer. As the photographer, you should be confident and courteous to ask for the audience’s permission to temporarily block their view.

The Background of the Photo

Having the right background can mean the difference between a good photo and a dispensable one. Consider the lighting and the objects behind the people you are photographing. Most of the time, you will notice the background just as much as the people in the photo.

Have Fun during the Photography

Your aura will reflect off the people in the photograph, if you are enjoying the photo session, then everyone else will. The pictures will look more natural and professional this way.As you take, the photographs have a broad smile, and the people you are shooting will reciprocate with a smile as well.

Weddings are occasions that happen once in an individual's life; they are one of the most memorable events. Proper photography will ensure that the moments live with you forever.