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Zendesk IPO Prices Tonight

Zendesk Inc. will be releasing its IPO price tonight for public trading tomorrow.  Zendesk Inc. will trade under the symbol ZEN on the NYSE.  Channel checks just completed and are revealing, according to underwriters, that the books remain oversubscribed.   In addition, it appears that the deal will price at or near the middle of the $8-$10 range.

Zendesk offers a cloud service that helps companies conduct customer support.  ZEN’s financials are similar to other growth-stage cloud startups with fast growing revenue and notably large losses.  The company says 2012 revenue was $38 million which grew to $72 million in 2013, an 88% growth rate.  Net losses for 2012 were $24.4 million and for 2013, $22.6 million.

Some analysts feel this is a risky time to go public as investors attitude toward cloud stocks has waned.  At the end of April, the BVP Cloud Computing index, a stock index of 38 publicly traded cloud companies, is down since it hit a peak in February.  Box, another enterprise cloud startup, has reportedly delayed its IPO.

A free writing prospectus was issued for the deal today stating insider interest in purchasing shares at the offering price.  It says, “Certain of our existing stockholders, including entities associated with Benchmark, Charles River Ventures, and Matrix Partners, each of which is an affiliate of a member of our board of directors, have indicated an interest in purchasing shares of common stock with an aggregate price of approximately $25,000,000 in this offering.”

Zendesk plans to sell over 11 million shares at $8 to $10 a share.  At the $9 midpoint, ZEN would be valued at around $632 million.  None of the major stakeholders are selling as part of the IPO and SEC documents reveal that the company's three founders do not hold huge ownership stakes.  Co-founder Mikkel Svane owns 10%, which will be 8% after the IPO, co-founder Alexander Aghassipour owns about 8%, which will become 7% after the IPO, and co-founder Morten Primdahl isn't listed among the principal stockholders.

ZEN is scheduled to start trading tomorrow on the NYSE.