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The NASDAQ Will Close 3/6 below 4950
2 march 2015

A Preston Clive Forecast

Sometimes we reach too high for our own good. (Photo credit to Reuters)

Lots of hoo haa today about the fact that the NASDAQ busted out past the 5000 mark. Right now at the time of this writing (about 3:25p) it is still hanging up above 5K, sustained by the self-congratulatory wave of exuberance of having leapt this theoretic(ally unsustainable) hurdle. At present we are looking at a number of 5,000.73, up .75%.

Almost all commentators are qualifying their remarks with some sort of asterisk indicating their awareness of the hollow nature of this number based on an inflated value of the market. 

What is your take, Traders? Do you think we will remain above this 5000 number before the closing bell this coming Friday 6th. Or do you think that we will start heading south as fears of a shoe-drop and clampdown of reality begins to set in instantly? 

I'm not suggesting a gigantic drop--I'm not asking you to bet on a gigantic collapse. Just a return to what was roughly the closing zone last Friday.

What say you all?

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The NASDAQ Will Close 3/6 below 4950

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