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Embattled Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Makes First Public Appearance Since Crushing WSJ Report

One day Palo Alto-based medical-laboratory-services company Theranos was worth $9 billion (with its 31 year old CEo Elizabeth Holmes owning about half of this), a day later - following a crushing review of the company's business practices - not only is the company (and Holmes) worth far less, but the venture investors who gave the company hundreds of millions in cash have quickly become the "due diligence-free" laughing stocks of Silicone Valley.

Moments ago, in her first public appearance since the WSJ article, Elizabeth Holmes started speaking at the WSJDLive 2015 conference.  Will she be successful in defending her company or will doubts about one of the biggest unidonkeys grow even more: watch live video of the interview
below, and follow along on WSJ's live blog.