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'Good Deflation'

My guess is by the time this missile wings its way through cyberspace to your computer, phone, etc., the investment world (media in particular) will have shifted its attention to 'bad inflation' and the prospects for higher interest rate increases on the part of 'inflation watchdog', the United States Federal Reserve Bank. These are indeed frenetic times we live in … definitely red meat for the media.

In an attempt to conduct a preemptive strike on the next occurrence of 'Bad Deflation' rearing its ugly head, I wanted to share with you a write-up by another former client and friend, Bill Greiner, Chief Investment Strategist at Mariner Wealth Management . Bill's February investment letter to Mariner's clients makes some very thoughtful points why the seeming lack of inflation (and some disinflation ) in certain segments of the world economy should not signify bad times ahead. If thisRead More …