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Three women who could rock the job of Uber CEO

The chances of Uber choosing a woman as its next CEO are about the same as getting a cab in midtown Manhattan in the rain at rush hour.

As a woman who has built her career in and around tech, I strongly suspected this even before this week's report that the field has been narrowed to four men, all CEOs. Just over 5 percent of chief executive roles at Standard & Poor's 500 Index companies are women — and a string of recent departures means that number is on the decline. As much as many people would like to see a female take the lead at a troubled Silicon Valley company that has come to epitomize all the gender problems that have long troubled tech, I know as much as the next business person that the numbers just aren't in our favor.

And that's a shame. Despite what the numbers tell us, there are many, many qualified women who could drive Uber into the future.

One name that immediately comes to mind is the amazing Diane Greene, the senior executive of Google's booming cloud business. Greene has a long history in tech — starting with her founding VMware — and software she developed to help companies manage job applications is opening new doors for Google in its constant battle for market supremacy with Microsoft.

Also important — she's deeply committed to advancing women in tech, and knows first-hand the kinds of issues they've faced and isn't afraid to address them, evidenced by her telling a tech conference crowd of mostly men in March that she wished more...