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Net Neutrality? Pah! It's The Economic Effect Of Facebook's That Is Important

There’s a very puzzling argument being deployed in places like Indonesia and India at present over Facebook FB -2.17% Which is that the idea violates the purer forms of internet neutrality and therefore shouldn’t happen. This is very much an argument containing the perfect is the enemy of the good mistake. For we do in fact know something about the effect of internet access on economies in general. And we also know that that effect is beneficial. Substantially beneficial in fact. So, to argue that someone shouldn’t be allowed to give away such access for free, in however limited a form, in order to maintain some ideological purity is a really bad idea.

Here’s people making exactly this argument:

This spring in India, travel website Cleartrip, news channel NDTV and a mobile news app pulled their content from the platform amid concerns over net neutrality.

Cleartrip referred inquiries about its reasons for leaving the initiative to an April statement it posted on its website. In that statement, the company said the backlash in India “gave us pause to rethink our approach to...