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Should You Hustle?

Now I'm not saying go out and sell drugs. Clearly that is not an option. But at times when you are an entrepreneur, you have to treat your product like a drug. Your aim is to get leads in and out of your system. You want to develop a consistent chain of incoming customers right? The first stages of business WON'T be easy. It takes a true hustler mentality to get things kicked off and started. First of all, are you confident about your product? Is your product a logical need for people? Does it solve a problem people frequently face? Is it a missing piece for a person, place or thing? You should've asked yourself this question when you were brainstorming business ideas years ago. If the answer is yes, then alright, you have a worthy product on hand. How does it make you feel? Because being money hungry is not going to trigger your hustler mentality. Especially with something that is self-made, you should have some type of interest in it. When you have interest in your product it tends to boost your drive for getting it out there and known. Spirit and drive is what activates the hustler in you. You must have faith in your product and have the energy to push it out onto the world. This is what helps you stand out! Copying someone else's hustle won't make you self-made but biter-made. The world has many of those floating around, especially in Hollywood. Anyway if you are asking yourself if hustling your business is a good option or not, the answer is YES it is.