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Holzer & Holzer Announces Class Action Filed on Behalf of Investors in TerraForm Power

Terrible news from TerraForm Power:

The complaint alleges, among other things, that TerraForm made false and misleading statements during that time about its Management Services Agreement with SunEdison. On March 16, 2016, TerraForm announced it was further delaying the release of its Form 10-K as a result of material weaknesses in SunEdison’s internal controls over financial reporting. The price of TerraForm stock has declined significantly following the Company’s announcement.

It looks like the bad investors and traders who don't know that they need to make their own due dil before the deal lost their money due to false information in the financials (from their words) want to get a refund. I am totally confused with this situation. First, before the investing you need to make your own judgement on a company's financials. Second, I am pretty sure that TerraForm didn't provide the false information, the analysts just didn't come to the right decision. 

Right now it looks like shooting the injured animal. Be careful in your investments, analyze the stock and don't blame others in your fails.