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Bullish on This Supplier Ahead of Apple Hardware Refresh

Despite naysayers declaring Apple (AAPL) a has-been IBM or Dell of the 1990’s computing space, the company’s September 7 launch event brings hope for the company. Apple is widely expected to update iPad software along with the hardware. This move may stop the bleeding of lower tablet sales. For investors, think sideways and down the supply chain for investing ideas. Look at LG Electronics (LPL).

iPad’s software update will broaden support for the stylus (“Pencil”). By next year, Apple may announce a 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Incremental hardware updates to the display is a result of Apple’s collaboration with LG Electronics. For the iPad, expect a faster display refresh and higher image quality.

Apple is also rumored to be developing a 5K monitor, co-developed with LG Electronics.