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He’s back, biatches

Please, Jon, do this once a week until the election. Your country needs you. And it needs Her Excellency The Rev. Sir Doctor Stephen Tyrone Mos Def Colbert, D.F.A., Heavyweight Champion of the World. This guy man. He’s produced so much talent and insight.  I don’t think there’s anyone in the media I have more affection for. Stewart is just the best.
On the day Roger Ailes resigned and Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination, Jon Stewart returned to what he does best: ripping Republicans and Fox News.

Today, Roger Ailes resigned as chairman of Fox News after scathing accusations of sexual harassment emerged and Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican presidential nomination. Those are the kinds of stories with which Jon Stewart would have had a field day back when he was hosting The Daily Show. Sadly, he’s no longer around to tell us how he feels about the news. Or is he?

Following his surprise appearance on The Late Show earlier this week to help usher The Colbert Report’s “Stephen Colbert” back into our hearts, Stewart showed up once again Thursday night to deliver an old-school Daily Show-style takedown of the Fox News empire that helped make Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee.

“I just want to say that, although I spent well over a decade making fun of his network and him and the damage I think he did to the world, the news of this man losing his job gives me no pleasure,” Stephen Colbert said, before asking the camera to cut away so he could laugh with joy. “If only there was someone I could share this lack of pleasure with.”

“Blue collar millionaire, that’s not a thing”

I miss Jon. Also Colbert needs to go back to the persona.