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Amazon's cloud boss Andy Jassy just slammed Larry Ellison and mocked his 'hand-waving and bombast'

AWS Andy Jassy slams Larry Ellison

(AWS re:invent/Business Insider)
Oracle founder Larry Ellison has a decades-long history of publicly slamming his competitors and lately he's trained his sights on one of the most fierce competitors he's ever had: Amazon Web Services.

In September, during the keynote speech at Oracle's huge customer conference in San Francisco, Ellison spent a good deal of time trash talking Amazon, mostly by saying how much slower it was to run databases on Amazon's cloud than it was to run them on Oracle's cloud.

Ellison provided the results of benchmark tests to back up his claims.

On Wednesday, Amazon hit back.

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, took the stage at his company's huge customer conference in Las Vegas and mocked Ellison's famous showmanship. Jassy told the crowd of IT professionals that Amazon's cloud services could give them superpowers such as X-ray vision to help them avoid being swayed by Ellison's claims.

"X-Ray vision is the unique ability to have visibility and vision," Jassy said such as "the ability to see through the hand-waving and...