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Will Anyone Care About the HoloLens?

Are you a grown man who has been dying to run around his living room wearing a mask, engaged in a virtual battle against robots that look like they were built with the Atari game engine? Congrats, you should be in an insane asylum. Or, you might want to check out Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) newest virtual reality device.

The HoloLens (I think it was named by Erlich, of Silicon Valley Fame) was unveiled at Microsoft's latest New York City event. They staged a scene that involved grown men pretending to shield themselves against robot invaders. It was as ridiculous as you might imagine. The device might be incredibly cool, but grown men will never look cool using it.

Regardless of silliness, Microsoft is excited about this new product. They think that virtual reality will be big, and they are hoping to be the main competitor to Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) Oculus Rift. The main benefit of the HoloLens (I seriously can’t type that name with a straight face) over the Oculus Rift is that it is not required to be connected to a power source. That gives you the mobility to do your ninja moves all over your living room.

The development kit costs three thousand dollars and ships in early 2016. It could possibly open the door to new interactive apps, games and marketplaces. Or it could go the way of Google Glass and fade gently into the night. I’m betting on the latter, but we’ll have to wait and see.