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These Tongue-in-Cheek Tent Designs Are Sure to Make You Stand Out

For those who have wondered in the past what it’s like to live in a watermelon.

When it comes to shopping for tents, the market’s drab, monotone designs leave much to be desired. Enter outdoors gear brand FieldCandy, which has released a range of tongue-in-cheek tent designs designed not to blend into nature, but to stand out from it all the while garnering good humor all around. With designs spanning everything from giant slices of watermelon and cheese, upturned books, circus tents, and two lovers lit by candlelight, the tents are as varied as they are incentive. However, other designs, such as the sheep and pub-themed tents, do try to some degree to blend into their surroundings and wouldn’t look out of place in and around a quaint English village, but their efficacy at avoiding detection is still to be tested. Large enough for 2-3 people, the A-frame tents feature a breathable inner tent and highly UV fade-resistant printed, waterproof exterior. Pick one up online here starting at $295 USD apiece. Alternatively, you can customize a book-themed tent to a cover of your choice here.

Author: Gavin Yeung