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Intel Has Given Dividend And Income Investors A Gift: Qualcomm

I have been following the recent developments surrounding the Qualcomm(NASDAQ:QCOM) announcements that it will be dramatically enhancing shareholder value in the form of consistent and meaningful dividend increases as well as a larger shareholder buyback plan.

Effective immediately, the Board has authorized the Company to repurchase up to $15 billion of its common stock. The $15 billion program replaces the previous program, which had a $2.1 billion authorization remaining..... The Board also approved a 14 percent increase in Qualcomm's quarterly cash dividend, raising the annualized dividend payout to $1.92 per share of common stock.

As a dividend growth investor this is music to my ears, and to anyone who has been watching this story unfold who is inclined to purchase QCOM, now might be the best time to begin building a position thanks to another chip maker:Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). Read more