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Lake of Fire: Ebola Investors Meet Their Hazmat Maker

Lakeland Industries (LAKE) share values plummeted on Monday in the wake of the good news that the judge overseeing response efforts Dallas, Texas would be clearing a potential Ebola victim Monday; four others would soon be cleared as their 21-day monitoring period comes to a close; and the World Health Organization announced that Ebola has been regionally eradicated in Nigeria and Senegal.

Good news can be bad news for Lakeland shareholders who have seen the stock free-fall to under fifteen dollars, down from its high of 29 October when it hit 29 dollars a share. Today's share, showing a slight improvement over yesterday's high of 13.84, is back up to 14.97, but it's a little early to celebrate. If things continue to improve on the plague front, it looks like hazmat suits are about to be relegated to Senate Democrats who have stood to close to President Obama.