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Daniel Loeb's New Taunting Message

Hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb, has a new taunting message on his Bloomberg terminal, "Never interfere with an enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself."

He is most likely talking about Bill Ackman and his recent string of huge losses he has been suffering in the last year. First Ackman became the biggest stake holder in J.C. Penny (NYSE: JCP) back in September 2010, and the company his since seen shares drop 47%. Last week Ackman sent out a mutiple open letters to the board of J.C. Penny demanding their find a new CEO buy the time they announce their quarterly earnings later this month. He is reportedly taken a $600 million dollar bath on this investment. 

Then there is his huge battle with guru investor Carl Ichan, that started earlier this year when he announced his was holding a $1 billion short on Harbalife (NYSE: HLF), at multi marketing firm. After Ackman announced his short Loeb bought a big stake in Herbalife and sold his shares with a hefty profit to show for it. Ackman has lost $300 million on his Herbalife position.