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Recent Buy - Computer Programs And Systems

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Imagine this. There's a business out there that earns over 30% return on capital, has no outstanding debt, grows earnings at double-digit rates, dominates a niche market, and sports a healthy 5% dividend. You would be interested right?

Well I am! So I bought some shares of Computer Programs and Systems (CPSI)

A Little Background Info

You're probably wondering what the heck does CPSI even do, right? I own another business that's similar to CPSI called Quality Systems (QSII). I wrote an extensive write-up here.

Hospitals aren't known for their sophisticated management of administration and billing processes. That's where CPSI comes in. CPSI handles all the administrative and billing paperwork for their clients. They are a leading provider of electronic health records systems for more than 650 community, rural and critical access hospitals and their 12,000 providers. This is the niche I'm referring to. These hospitals… Read More …