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30% Of Americans Support Property Seizure

Following yesterday's diuscussion of the fact in the Land of The Free, Property Rights rank 36th in the world, we thought it fascinating that, as Rasmussen finds, 70% Oppose Police Seizure of Property Without A Criminal Conviction - Americans strongly believe someone needs to be convicted of a crime before their property can be seized, even though that’s contrary to current federal law and police practice. Which means a rather stunning 30% of Americans believe it is fine...


Here are the Rasmussen poll questions...

1* The government can now seize an individual’s property if it believes that property was obtained through criminal activity. This process is known as civil forfeiture. Do you favor or oppose the government’s seizure of an individual’s property this way?


2*  Under the current law a criminal conviction or even a criminal charge is not necessary to seize someone’s property. Should a criminal conviction be necessary before authorities seize someone's property?


3*  Do civil forfeitures violate the Constitution's prohibition against illegal search and seizures?


4*  Do you believe that someone charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty or that they are guilty until proven innocent?


5*  Which is more likely – that most police departments seize property to ensure public safety or that most police departments seize property because it’s a major revenue source?

As Martin Armstrong exclaimed,

The police have become outright criminals and can confiscate people’s property and keep it for themselves.

The clip below is one of the best explanations we have seen. It correctly states that the legal action is against the property – NOT YOU!


(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)