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Target Is a Mess

How did Target Corp. (TGT) get in this mess?

It's unable to compete in a discount or premium price environment, and Walmart Stores Inc (WMT) and Inc. (AMZN) are eating its lunch.

"I think Target needs a strategic overhaul," AB Mendez, senior research analyst at Frost Investment Advisors, said in an interview with TheStreet.

Target has historically tried to rival discount giant Walmart, but it can't, Mendez said.

Mendez pointed to Target's failing grocery business as an example.

"The last time you went to Target was what, a week ago, a month ago?" Mendez said. "I have no reason to go to Target every week. I can see why Walmart doesn't have a hard time getting customers in every week, because it is the definition of a mass market retailer."

Mendez said the only reason why he, and he speculated, likely all consumers, go to Target is to pick up odd items from time to time.

On a recent earnings call with analysts...