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Here's How Littelfuse Performed In FY 2014

On Feb. 4, circuit protection company Littelfuse (NASDAQ: [[LFUS]]) came out with its FY 2014 earnings announcement. The company had an excellent year in my opinion. However, adverse foreign currency translations caused the company to lose the Wall Street expectations game on the EPS front sending the shares down roughly 8% the day of the announcement. Let's take a look to see how the company is doing.

Revenue and profitability expanded

In 2014, Littelfuse saw its revenue, net income and free cash flow expand 12%, 12% and 47% respectively year-over-year. An expanding U.S. economy contributed, at least in part, to organic growth of 5%. It's always good to see some growth coming from increased demand for a company's products. However, the company also purchased a huge chunk of its growth through acquisitions which accounted for 60% of Littelfuse's overall growth in revenue. Weaknesses in the mining market within the… Read More …