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Samsung new phablet (tablet like phone)

I thought cellphone were to be made to fit in the palm of your hand, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (XETRA: SSU.DE) thinks otherwise. The news Samsung Galaxy Mega is 6.3 inches diagonally just .7 inches shorter then a tablet. Why would anyone want to buy a phone that wouldn't fit your pocket?? or if you put it against your ear it covers your face. Samsung believes it will give movie watchers, eBook readers and gamers something to look forward too. This new phones includes futures from the previous Galaxy S4 with just a bigger screen. AT&T Inc(NYSE: T) will start offering this phone starting Friday for $150 with a 2 year contract. The phone will also be carried by Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S) but not as soon as Friday. I don't know how I feel about this move by Samsung, I think its a going to be a fail but that's my opinion what do you guys think?