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American/US Airways Combined Airline Will Keep Prices Stable

Since today is the day that the merger between American Airlines and US Airways happens for realz, a lot of people have this belief that the ticket prices will go up since there is less competition from other airlines.  Good news to us all, an executive from AA came out and said that contrary to popular beliefs, they will face lots of competition from companies like United Airlines and Delta.  It is also assumed that in this case, the price will remain stable or rather, competitive.  Not only that, it will take anywhere between 18 to 24 months for this merger to be fully completed.

It has been known that Philly has been the hub for US Air.  Presently, there are 450 daily flights going to 120 domestic locations and 19 more internationally.  According to US Department of Justice, it is a requirement that the combined airline must keep a hub in this location for at least 3 years to come.  Many people think that since both airlines have flights out of Philly going to the same destinations, there will be some issues.  However, there is reassurance that there will not be many changes to the workforce.