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Alibaba Open Indication Puts Its Market Cap Greater Than Facebook, Verizon, Just Under JPMorgan

Moments ago, the NYSE revealed that the latest indication for the Alibaba open, due sometime in the next hour, is in the $82-$85 $84-87 range. So assuming a mid-range price (which will surely be overtaken now that the market is in full on dot com bubble euphoria mode as even the Fed's Fisher admitted moments ago) of $83.50, this means that Alibaba's market cap will be just over $206 $211 billion, putting it among the 15 highest valued companies trading on US markets, above both Facebook and Verizon. 


Update: $84-87 now, which means $211 billion market cap.

And as we await the final price, we wonder: will Allibaba eclipse JPMorgan's market cap of $227 billion and, maybe, even Walmart's $245 billion, which Alibaba will surpass if it hits $100/share.