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Ingles: Grocery Chain + Real Estate Investor = Grocer-REIT

Ingles Markets (IMKTA) is a largely family-owned grocery chain focused on underserved semi-rural communities. The company is dedicated to providing a unique, one-stop shopping service that includes pharmacy and automobile fuel services, high quality self-branded items and a growing all-natural/organic segment. Earnings are due out on the 6th and are expected to show the same growth the company has been experiencing its entire life.

Over the past 80 odd years the company has been steadily investing in the real estate on which it sits, as well as the shopping experience, and is situated to profit as a landlord as well as a grocery store operator. The company operates 202 stores including more than 150 shopping centers, a dairy processing facility and a new distribution center to service the stores. In fact, the company has reported 50 consecutive years of record sales and is expecting revenue growth this year as well.… Read More …