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Protecting Your Loved Ones – The Smart Way


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Protecting Your Loved Ones – The Smart Way

Written By Jeff Nielson (Click For Original)




Part 1:

For longer than any of us have lived, we have been brainwashed via financial advertising (and our, own, beloved “financial advisors”) to believe that life insurance represents the best way for a responsible wage-earner “to protect his or her loved ones”. That’s an awful lot of brainwashing to neutralize.

Therefore, even though Part I demonstrated the folly of life insurance, in simple, logical, and unequivocal terms, almost certainly most readers remain only partially convinced – at best. For those Skeptics, we will now see a more-efficient, more rational way to protect your loved ones.

As promised, showing readers a better way does not require presenting or inventing any new/brilliant “financial strategies”. Rather, all that is necessary is to remind readers how we used to protect our loved ones before the bankers began bombarding us with their propaganda of the supposed need for life insurance.

However, before providing a positive alternative, it’s necessary to back up, and look at life insurance in even more general terms. In this respect, what is life insurance? It is a paper promise of a future (paper) payment.

In recent years, we have become very, very familiar with the “paper promises” of the bankers and our equally corrupt governments. Paper promises disappear. They may disappear like our pensions (the promise to reward us for decades of labour) – by simply being erased. They make disappear like our bank accounts (the promise to ‘protect’ our deposits) – by simply being stolen.

Much more likely, however, is that any-and-all of these “paper promises” upon which many of us unwisely rely will evaporate via the crime-against-humanity known as hyperinflation.

[chart Old Faithful] [Attn Helene: if you can find anything more-or-less “unequivocal” to substitute for Old Faithful, please do so] 

All fiat currencies are fraudulent Ponzi-schemes. Scams. In the 1,000-year history of fiat currencies, they have always plummeted-to-zero via hyperinflation or simply been removed from circulation before the worthless paper meets that inevitable ending.

We have worthless “fiat currencies”. Our banker-paper must/will go to zero, just like all the banker-paper which has come before it. In the 100 years since the criminals of the Federal Reserve were given the statutory duty to “protect the value” of the U.S. dollar it has already lost roughly 99% of its purchasing power. And today the current generation of those criminals is hard at work destroying that last penny of value – as we see unequivocally in the chart above.

Is this what people really think they are doing when they buy “life insurance”? Gambling the future, financial security of their family on the paper promise of a banker, denominated in a currency which may no longer exist by the time they die?

That’s not “insurance”. That’s a lottery ticket: knowing it will probably be worthless (because that’s what happens to all fiat paper and most lottery tickets), but hoping it won’t be.

Now let us re-frame the issue. Is there a better way to financially protect our loved ones than through buying them one of the bankers’ lottery tickets, where (as with lottery tickets) you have a million different scams from which to choose? Fortunately, the answer to that question is “yes.”

How? Again, let us think in the general. What do people do to “prepare for an emergency”? They stock up on essential items: (non-perishable) food, water, and other necessities for making it through a crisis. They buy “stuff”.

What is the definition of the word “insurance” itself? It is an investment in preparation for some form of emergency/crisis. Fire insurance. Car insurance. Travel insurance. Life insurance. Investing to prepare for an emergency. In some instances, the paper promise of a banker is the only practical way in which we can prepare for an emergency.

We can’t “prepare” for a fire in our home by buying a second home, in case the first one burns down. Equally, there is no way to ensure ourselves against a car accident (an event which has not occurred, and may never occur) except through a paper promise of indemnification. But is this the best way to prepare for the “emergency” of death? No.

With fire insurance and car insurance and travel insurance, we are preparing for an emergency which may never occur, and thus (in practical terms) a paper promise is the best way to prepare for an uncertain event. But everyone dies.

We know we will all die, thus when protecting our loved ones against this form of emergency we are preparing for a certainty, and thus a paper promise is no longer the best means of providing such protection. If we knew, with 100% certainty, our home was going to burn down, we would/could make provisions to have a back-up home. We could “buy stuff”, what we normally do when preparing for an emergency.

The question then becomes: what “stuff” do we buy to prepare for the inevitable emergency of death – real life insurance, and not merely the paper scam of some banker? Here there is no need for conjecture since we have centuries of our own history to guide us, as well as the current behavior of billions of people around the world.

The stuff you buy to prepare for the emergency of death (real life insurance) is precious metalsgold and silver. What is one of the earliest traditions of our societies, back at a time when it was not yet possible for women to be financially self-sufficient? The “engagement ring”. And the “wedding ring”. Gold.

The first thing that a (wage-earning) male did to initiate the process leading to marriage was to buy his bride-to-be gold. Real insurance. Then we have the jewelry-buying which typically accompanies our anniversaries of marriage. More gold. More insurance.

If we weren’t squandering significant portions of our income in lottery-ticket “insurance premiums”, we would have even more money, to buy more gold and silver. This is what we see today, with billions of people around the world – who have absolutely no need for life insurance. Their savings goes into precious metals, and that is their insurance.

One of the many reasons why real insurance is superior to the paper promises of the bankers is that gold and silver are non-specific insurance, indeed these precious metals are insurance against all forms of financial risk. When you buy the bankers’ life insurance, you must pay to ensure each life separately. In our era of the Working Poor, where we need two wage-earners just to “make ends meet”, that means two insurance policies, two paper promises from bankers – twice the risk/double the scam.

Not with gold and silver. When one spouse passes, the surviving spouse and children presumably inherit any/all gold or silver personally held by the deceased. When we “insure” one family member by buying gold/silver, we insure all family members. Superior insurance.

But the bankers and remaining Skeptics still have their objection to this no-risk form of real insurance. What if one (or both) wage-earner(s) drops dead tomorrow? Yes, what happens in that extremely unlikely scenario?

Very simply, in the most-unlikely scenario everyone loses. But obviously the person who loses most in this extremely unlikely scenario is the deceased. As hard as this event is on the survivors, they’re still alive, and (at their young age) are in the best position to cope with such a tragedy – insured with whatever gold/silver had already been acquired prior to the passing of the deceased.

In fact, it is when death occurs later in life that it becomes more difficult, most-particularly for the surviving spouse, to cope with that tragedy. As each year passes, and a death in the family becomes more likely, and “insurance” is needed more, the family unit has steadily added to their gold and silver, instead of squandering money in paper promises which (as explained in Part I) become a worse bet with each year that goes by.

When we buy the bankers’ life insurance, it is a bet that we will die young – a sucker’s bet in every way. The likelihood of dying young is very low, meanwhile each year that passes the value of the banker’s paper promise rapidly diminishes (perhaps all the way to zero) due to inflation/hyperinflation.

When we buy gold and silver, it is a bet that we will live to (at least) an average age, a smart bet. It is no-risk life insurance-oriented to the much more likely reality of a normal life span. The longer we live, the more we prosper by choosing real insurance.

Gold and silver has been real insurance for our species for about as long as we have been mining/refining these precious metals: close to 5,000 years. The “life insurance” of the bankers: their paper promise to make a future payment in (heavily diluted) future-dollars, has only been around for roughly a century.

When we look at rational probabilities, economic realities, and true “risk”, we see the bankers’ so-called life insurance for what it really is. It is a lottery ticket: a low-odds/high-risk bet which is nothing but the (depreciating) paper promise from a caste of convicted, career criminals.

With gold and silver as our no-risk insurance, in the extremely unlikely event that there is an early passing in the family, everyone suffers roughly equally. In the much more likely event that we enjoy at least somewhat normal life-spans, everyone prospers equally. Safe, sensible insurance.



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