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Signature: Microsoft's Little-Known Business


People are getting fed up of bloatware.

Microsoft's Signature line of computers provide a solution to this pressing need.

There is a good chance that PC sales revival will happen this year.

For most of us, there are two indispensable gadgets; one is our mobile phone, and the second is our beloved laptop/notebook. Laptops are one of the most under-recognized engineering masterpieces and are a benchmark of how to blend form and function. In my 16 years of use, I had a laptop crash only once. This reliability that most of us take for granted is due to the effort of some of the finest minds on the planet. I tip my hat to all engineers/designers who made this happen.

My current laptop is four years old and has nagging issues, and I want it replaced with a new one. In the current laptop, I had to remove a lot of pre-installed software aptly named bloatware to increase the performance.

I wanted to know if I am being fussy about this bloatware or do other people are also as concerned as me. I did a simple Google trend search using the term "bloatware" and the result was revealing. I am not alone as more people across the globe are concerned about this extra baggage, and their numbers are growing.

This time, my requirement is very simple, I want a laptop from one of the major manufacturers with just Windows 10 installed and the basic functions like video, sound, and Wi-Fi should be superior quality. That's it. I will install whatever software I need.

Finally, my search was over, and the place where...