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Out Fox The $treet: November 10, 2017

Stocks to watch on Friday:

LendingClub (LC) - appears that $4.20 was the low for the fintech. A $1 billion EV is far too cheap as revenues will $700 million in 2018. 

J.C. Penny (JCP) - hard to get excited about any rally on a retailer that lost $0.33 in the quarter. The stock is too much of a gamble when so many other retailers offer similar bargains and remain highly profitable. One look at the home page and all one sees are discounts so be careful chasing J.C. Penny. 

Synergy Pharma (SGYP) - despite beating Q3 estimates, the small biotech dips again. Synergy Pharma remains a buy on these dips below $3. 

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Disclosure: Long LC