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Park Sterling Bank Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: Note 9 - Per Share R...

Note 9 - Per Share Results

Basic earnings per share represent income available to common shareholders divided by the weighted-average number of shares outstanding during the relevant period. Diluted earnings per share reflect additional shares that would have been outstanding if dilutive potential shares had been issued. Potential shares that may be issued by the Company relate solely to outstanding stock options and restricted shares (non-vested shares), and are determined using the treasury stock method. Under the treasury stock method, the number of incremental shares is determined by assuming the issuance of stock for the outstanding stock options and vesting of restricted shares reduced by the number of shares assumed to be repurchased from the issuance proceeds, using the average market price for the period of the Company's stock. Weighted-average shares for the basic and diluted EPS calculations have been reduced by the average number of unvested restricted shares.

For the three months ended September 30, 2015, the Company issued 3,000 restricted stock awards, issued 8,885 shares pursuant to the exercise of stock options, repurchased 4,000 shares in open market transactions and acquired 1,457 shares in connection with satisfaction of tax withholding obligations on vested restricted stock. For the three months ended September 30, 2014, the Company issued 16,250 restricted stock awards, issued 4,167 shares pursuant to the exercise...