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What Happens When You Attach A GoPro Cam To A Russian Warplane

Because the US has come up rather short on results in 13 months of airstrikes on ISIS targets, the world has developed quite a fascination with the videos coming out of the Russian Defense Ministry of late. 

To be sure, it’s not easy to tell what exactly it is the Russians are bombing in the clips and as we’ve noted on more than one occasion, one should take all propaganda (whether from the West or otherwise) with a grain of salt, but Moscow sure is bombing something and after more than a year of hearing about coalition strikes and seeing no results, there’s no shortage of interest in a series of bombing raids that have purportedly been extremely effective.

Well, for those who revel in watching Russia fly warplanes over Syria, you’re in luck, because The Russian Defense Ministry has taken it up a notch by attaching a GoPro to a Su-25.

No, really.

The clip is short, but it suggests that The Kremlin is getting more creative in the dissemination of what amount to advertisements for its "anti-terror" campaign:

And for those who can't get enough Putin, here's the latest map showing the location of Russian strikes: