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Live Feed From Scotland As The Results Start Trickling In

The night is very young as the Scottish votes are currently being tabulated. For now, the only disclosed data, aside from the previously announced YouGov prediction of a No victory is information on the turnout, which by most counts will surpass an unheard of in the US 90%.

The initial results are in:

BREAKING: Clackmannanshire result: No: 19,036 Yes: 16,350 Spoiled: 24 Turnout: 88.6%

— The Daily Record (@Daily_Record)

Below is a bullet summary of the most recent developments courtesy of the AFP live blog:

23:58 GMT - Fraud allegations - News breaking that police are investigating allegations of electoral fraud in Glasgow. Officials at the referendum count in Glasgow say they are investigating 10 cases of suspected electoral fraud at polling stations.
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Media reports say it relates to incidents where people turned up to vote and were told they had already voted.

23:47 GMT - Turnout figures - First turnout figures for a couple of areas have just been announced at the count centre in Edinburgh.

In Orkney the turnout was 83.7 percent, in Clackmannanshire 88.6 percent, fitting the trend of what is expected to be extraordinarily high participation.

23:42 GMT - Tribal chief - AFP's Katherine Haddon, at the Edinburgh count centre, says journalists there face a long wait as officials concentrate on the business of counting the huge numbers of ballot papers. But they are not without diversions:

"In the Edinburgh count hall, Benny Wenda, a campaigner for West Papua to be independent from Indonesia, is drawing plenty of attention from journalists, wearing a tribal chief's headdress featuring the head of a bird of paradise," she tells us.

He is in Scotland with the Radical Independence Campaign but normally lives in Oxford and is one of many separatists from other nations who hope the Scottish vote will mobilise support for their own independence battles.

"I'm campaigning for an independence referendum for my people," says Wenda.

23:30 GMT - Roundup - In case you are just joining us, counting is now under way at each of Scotland's 32 polling stations, with the first results expected from around 2am local time. The final vote will not be announced until after 6am, but a running total may well make it possible to call the result before then.

Officials have reported an unprecedented turnout -- up to 90 percent in some areas, with postal votes also high -- and many people have hailed it a victory for democracy, whatever the outcome.

A YouGov poll released after the close of polling predicted a victory for the "No" campaign of 54 percent to 46 for "Yes". But this hasn't stopped large crowds of pro-independence supporters gathering expectantly in Glasgow's George Square and outside the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh.

22:55 GMT - Bookies expect 'No' - Since the close of voting, betting markets have shifted considerably towards a 'No' vote. Bookmakers Ladbrokes said the latest odds were 1/7 'No' 9/2 'Yes'.

22:44 GMT - George Square - In Glasgow, the central George Square is awash with blue and white flags, as thousands of independence supporters await the results.

Globe and Mail correspondent Mark MacKinnon tweets: "On Glasgow's George Square. Crowd waiting for the official count, and hoping the #indyref polls are wrong..."

Other twitter users have posted videos and pictures of flares being lit and flags burned.

22:24 GMT - Looking ahead - Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has invited the SNP to join discussions on more powers for the Scottish Parliament if there is a "No" vote.

He tells STV: "If we have got a no vote as I hope… that's something I would want people from the SNP to be involved in."

Alluding to what at times has been a fiercely fought campaign, he adds: "We have got to heal the wounds that we have inflicted on ourselves."

22:19 GMT - Queen 'watching' - Royal officials tell Britain's Sky News that Queen Elizabeth is watching the referendum results "very closely". Publicly, she has stayed out of the debate, saying it was "a matter for the people of Scotland".

22:13 GMT - Ballot boxes arrive - AFP's Katherine Haddon, in Edinburgh, tells us: "First ballot boxes from polling stations are starting to arrive at the Edinburgh count. In the hall, "Yes" and "No" supporters, some in t-shirts advertising their allegiance, a couple in kilts, cluster in groups chatting to each other, looking anxious. It's going to be a long night."

22:02 GMT - At the Aberdeen count centre representatives from both the "Yes" and "No" campaigns watch on, trying to get a sample feel of the number of votes cast at this stage.

This is one of the biggest counts in the country and First Minister Alex Salmond's vote will be among those counted when the ballot box from his rural home village of Strichen arrives.

21:59 GMT - Aberdeen count - AFP's Robin Millard is at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, where the count for rural Aberdeenshire is taking place. The votes from Aberdeen city are being counted in a separate venue in Scotland's oil capital.

"At the stroke of 10pm, when the polls closed, counting officials immediately went into action," he tells us.

"Boxes of postal votes were tipped out onto the tables and officials in white t-shirts, with blue plastic thimbles for extra purchase on each ballot, began counting the number of votes in piles of 100 to make sure they matched the given tally.

"Plastic boxes filled with sweets are on hand to keep the counters going. With the first piles complete, they drummed their fingers on the tables in anticipation of many, many more."

21:53 GMT - Chairman of the Yes Scotland campaign Dennis Canavan tells Scottish television station STV: "Some people may be super-optimistic… I'm a bit more of a realist, I still think it's neck and neck."

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Finally, for those who enjoy observing events on the ground, here is a live webcast from the ground in Scotland: