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Teva Pharmaceuticals: Value or Value Trap?
3 august

Teva reported a sharp deceleration in revenue. Generics took a hit. Dividend was cut to preserve cash and ease debt management.

TEVA has value: it bottomed or will do so in the $20 - $24 range.

Or is Teva a value trap? Revenue will keep dropping.

Related: VRX, which reports next week, will give investors an indication on the generic drug's health. ENDP is deeply discounted. Mylan is down on Teva's miss. Allergan (AGN) has the best upside, after shedding its generics unit.

Agree: Teva bottomed, has value.

Disagree: Teva is a value trap: sub $20 to follow.

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Teva Pharmaceuticals: Value or Value Trap?

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