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Rappers Don't Like Platinum, But You Should

Me and platinum (NYSE: PPLT) have a long history, mostly because i’m a big fan of rap music. For a while in the late 90’s early 2000’s, all anyone talked about was platinum. Platinum chains, platinum watches, platinum bracelets. I think Xzibit put a platinum fish tank in someone's car once for an episode of “Pimp My Ride.” If that person is still driving that car around, someone give him some sort of presidential medal of honor or something.

Slowly, platinum has fallen out of favor. I still hear about gold a bunch, but less and less. You’re more likely to hear about someone’s tires, or their iPhone, or their push to start car. But, that doesn't’ mean platinum can’t still be a good investment. It’s price is depressed right now because of many different factors, and I wouldn’t bet against a rebound. Everything is cyclical, and there even might be a young rapper out there looking to bring platinum back in the near future.