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Tiffany's Shares Drop On Valentine's Day

You'd figure that a company like Tiffany & Co would shine on a day like Valentines Day.  However, it appears that they are down 0.3% at this time.  Perhaps dudes this year are losing their romanticism and not shopping for their ladies.  Or perhaps, they are just broke.  The good news however, is other similar themed companies like Hershey Co and L Brands (who own Victoria's Secret) are up 0.8%.  So, not all hope is lost.

Either way, it seems that spending has fallen by about $1 billion compared to same time last year.  In order to get a clear picture however, we must also take into consideration that this year's weather has been uncooperative, preventing lovers from (willingly) going out shopping.  At least, that's how it was in my case.