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Tomorrow’s Action List: Tuesday July 12

  • 1.Buy S&P 500 calls. Sigh. Bull market apparently built on nothing but that is fine.
  • 2.Look for Apple (AAPL) to trade back up to $99 - $100.
  • 3.Wonder if Nintendo’s (NTDOY) 30 point gain on Pokemon Go will hold. Hint: It won’t. Nintendo is up a tidy ~ 80 percent in five days.

  • 4.Watch Relypsa (RLYP) hold the $20. I believed the stock would not hold the $20 level last week. See if it breaks above the descending downtrend ($28 to $24 to $20 between January – June).

  • 5.Look at Relypsa. Again. CEO is speaking at the Cantor Fitzgerald healthcare conference Tuesday (Jul 12). July 15 the company is scheduled to report prescription numbers. Surprise! They're out

June 1-30, 2016

In the outpatient setting:

1,531 new patients started taking Veltassa with a free starter supply.
1,723 outpatient prescriptions were covered by payers and dispensed (retail TRx).

In the hospital/institution setting:

392 units were sold to hospitals and other institutions (non-retail

Source: Relypsa filing

  • 6.Wonder if oil’s mini downtrend is over. Stick with XOM, BP, COP, CVX.