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Agricultural business

Well it’s been quite a while since I blogged, reason being I have been doing my exams. I am an agribusiness major, and business minor. I thought I would talk about Agriculture today. Sadly, it’s one of the most neglected sectors in the world today. However Agriculture is one of the most in demand sectors all the same.

When investing I usually advise to invest in a sector that you understand and people use inevitably daily, such sectors include

  • Real estate; you will always need shelter or land no matter who you are
  • Oil; energy is vital in our world, oil will affect you one way or another
  • Internet; well you are using it right now, aren’t you? So are millions of people out there
  • Food; this is my major point, we all need to eat. The incredible this is that agriculture is directly related to food. By investing in the food you invest in agriculture.

So why is agriculture so important?

  • Primary source of food
  • Conservation measure

What is agribusiness?

Agribusiness is the art of turning agriculture into a business. If you get agriculture right, it could be the most profitable venture you could ever get into.

Advantages of venturing into Agribusiness

  • It is relatively cheaper to penetrate compared to other big financial ventures such as petroleum and real estate
  • It is diverse as the variety of agricultural products is quite vast and dynamic.
  • Needs less technology and knowhow, you can venture into the market with relatively less knowledge than you would venture into any of the other sectors.
  • With the sector fast being neglected, this is the opportune time to stake your claim in the venture.