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When To Sell A Stock

Barbara Streisand, an American singer and actress found a new occupation for herself in 1999, during the heydays of the dot com bubble. She became a stock picker.

What's more, she started managing funds of her close friend Donna Karan, a leading US fashion designer, of the DKNY fame.

Times were so good then, that in just five months of intense trading, Streisand turned Karan's investment of US$ 1 million to US$ 1.8 million.

Now, for all her dabblings in the risky territory of stock trading, Streisand admitted that the volatility made her nervous.

As she confessed then to a friend, "I can't stand to see red in my profit-or-loss column. I'm Taurus the bull, so I react to red. If I see red, I sell my stocks quickly."

Well, for a die-hard fan of Streisand or a stock trader, this rule of selling stocks - whenever they are in… Read More …