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China Suspended The Release of it's PMI Numbers Over Accuracy Concerns

Today China decided to suspend the release of its PMI (purchasing managers' index) numbers for manufacturing over the accuracy of the data. The National Bureau of Statistics said, "we can't ensure all industry specific data can reach accuracy requirements." Then an official from a statistics agency; Sheng Laiyun, said "Samples in some industries are very small, and accidental changes may affect overall data quality, we were concerned that some of the numbers may affect related investors and users." 

I'm not exactly sure what this spell, but I have a feeling that the numbers for China's PMI were either so bad or so good that they just had to go over them some more either way I'm guessing their markets are going to see shares go down and stay still until the government decided to release the numbers. This is business as usual when dealing with China, so no one is too surprised about this.