Forecast came true

Community Poll: Is Donald Trump A Serious 2016 Candidate?
11 august 2015

In your own personal opinion, is Donald Trump a serious candidate in the 2016 presidential election? 

It appears so, he is polling well despite his outbursts and most importantly, he could always run as a third-party candidate with his "EXTREMELY MASSIVE" net worth and widespread name recognition. His policy positions are vague and largely center around how great Trump is and how the Mexican government should pay for a wall between both countries because Trump can't get over the fact that Hispanics make up a crucial part of the workforce and the electorate in America, but his anti-establishment populism ["MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"] resonates with a lot of disenfranchised voters. His celebrity status and the fact that he gets more media time than anyone else doesn't hurt either. 

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Community Poll: Is Donald Trump A Serious 2016 Candidate?

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Forecast came true

No real right answer. The results came in mixed at 4-3, we will have to see how the 2016 election plays out.