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RBA Maintains Record Low OCR at 2.5%

The Reserve Bank of Australia stayed put with the overnight cash rate at 2.5%. Glenn Stevens, governor of the RBA, noted some improvements in economic conditions, but growth has been subdued.

For example, Australia's biggest export, iron ore, has been falling in price as global supplies increase.


From the RBA statement:

In Australia, the economy grew at a below-trend pace in 2013 overall, but growth looks to have been somewhat firmer around the turn of the year. This has resulted partly from very strong increases in resource exports as new capacity has come on stream, but smaller increases in such exports are likely in coming quarters. Moderate growth has been occurring in consumer demand and a strong expansion in housing construction is now under way. At the same time, resources sector investment spending is set to decline significantly. Signs of improvement in investment intentions in some other sectors are emerging, but these plans remain tentative, as firms wait for more evidence of improved conditions before committing to significant expansion. Public spending is scheduled to be subdued.

There has been some improvement in indicators for the labour market in recent months, but it will probably be some time yet before unemployment declines consistently. Recent data confirm that growth in wages has declined noticeably. If these and other domestic costs remain contained, inflation should remain consistent with the target over the next one to two years, even with lower levels of the exchange rate."