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Comparing America's 3 Largest Wireless Communications Companies

* All data are as of the close of Friday, February 6, 2015. Emphasis is on company fundamentals and financial data rather than commentary.

The Wireless Communications industry is one of the most crowded categories of them all, with at least 199 publicly listed companies worldwide. To get to the three largest U.S. companies in the space we need to scroll down to the 68th spot to find the first one, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: [[TMUS]]), down to the 76th spot to find the second one, Sprint Corporation (NYE: [[S]]), and down to the 115th spot to find the third, United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE: [[USM]]), after which we find a whole slew of American companies in close succession.

It really should not surprise anyone, though, that this industry should be dominated by foreign companies, since communicating wirelessly is by far more cost effective than building a landline communications infrastructure,… Read More …