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Amazon Food Ambitions Spur Little-Known Stock to Best IPO Return

  • Food is holy grail for Impinj, maker of tracking technologies
  • Signs point to involvement with Amazon, analysts say Inc.’s deal to buy Whole Foods Markets Inc. was a catastrophe for countless stocks, as concern about market disruption wreaked havoc on retailers and REITs. But for holders of a newly listed technology stock, it’s adding fuel to an already-stellar run.

Impinj Inc., whose so-called radio-frequency identification technology allows users to tag and track data on products, is widely speculated to be part of the Amazon Go automated store experiment. Shares have more than tripled since its initial offering last July, making it the best performer in the Bloomberg IPO Index over the past 12 months.

“Connecting everyday items just has to be the next step for the Internet,” Impinj CEO Chris Diorio said in a phone interview. “At some point in the future you will be able to get information about an item you own or want to buy and you can get it directly.”

While other companies like Zebra Technologies Inc. make tracking software and NXP Semiconductors NV makes the so-called endpoint chips that go on products, Impinj offers a complete system. Apparel retailers are currently the biggest users of Impinj’s products. Diorio estimates there are about 80 billion connectable items a year sold in that industry, with current penetration by...