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AG Mortgage Investment Trust: A Viable Alternative To Annaly Capital And American Capital Agency

AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. (NYSE:MITT) is an actively managed mortgage real estate investment trust (an mREIT) that I believe is flying under the radar of income-seeking investors. The company has a very diversified portfolio and is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing economic climate in which mREITs operate. The company is constantly trying to change its holdings to best lead to strong returns for shareholders. It is one of the few mREITs that has been stellar in the last 52 weeks (figure 1), gaining 6% in that time, but if we factor in the dividends of $2.40, the return is approximately 20%. The company's portfolio is very diverse and I have always considered this a strength in this sector. It invests in Agency residential mortgage backed securities, Non-Agency residential mortgage backed securities, general asset backed securities, commercial mortgage backed securities, mortgage loans and other real estate related assets. Read more