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Hedge Fund Hotel SunEdison Is Crashing Again - Now Down 86% In Three Months

How the mighty have fallen. Once (and still) "no brainer" hedge fund hotel, sponsored by any and all talking head; now sub-$5 share price 'languisher in the basement' of the last few years. SunEdison (down 14% today) is now down 86% from its July 20th highs as an armada of leveraged speculators flood through the straits of first-mover advantage...


Down 14% today (after yesterday's 22% drop)...


Down 86% from the July highs...


Just ask Hoplite, Third Point, Glenview, Lone Pine, Fir Tree, Steadfast, Omega, Point72, Rubric, Canyon, Criterion, or Valinor how they feel?


Charts: Bloomberg