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Microsoft's Official Xbox Onesie Will Solve Your Uncomfortable Gaming Woes

File this under: preposterous, but I just might cop for the hell of it. For those who can’t fathom discomfort when gaming, Microsoft’s Xbox team in Australia has a ridiculous way to help you out; earlier, the company unveiled the official Xbox Onesie. This pajama style outfit comes in black or white and includes deep front pockets in which snacks, drinks or extra controllers can be tucked at the ready. There is also a side pouch that is sizable enough to easily stow your smartphone. Moreover, the sleeves and pant legs of the onesie can be rolled up just in case it gets hot during those intense Halo sessions. Its most noticeable features? Interested folks can customize the garment with their gamertag and it also possesses forearm patches that serve as grips—you know, to keep you from falling off the couch so you can resume pwning your enemies.

There is no word yet on an official release date, but take a look at the photos above and let us know how much you’re willing to shell out on the Xbox Onesie.