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3 Stocks that Turned $7,000 into $63,000 in 10 Years


While some of us enjoy dreaming of getting rich quick via a strategy of cleverly buying and selling the right stocks at a furious pace, the truth is that individual investors who want to build wealth are better off sticking with a buy-and-hold strategy instead. In fact, the S&P 500 has yielded a total return of 108% in the last 10 years despite dozens of doomsday headlines and one of the worst recessions in decades occurring during the period.

Simply investing in an ETF that tracks the S&P 500 is perhaps one of the easiest long-term investing strategies you can follow, especially considering its average annual return of about 7% (when adjusted for inflation).

That said, there will always be individual stocks that greatly outperform their peers. These three each returned at least 800% in the last 10 years when dividends are included, meaning an initial investment of $7,000 in any of these three would be worth over $63,000 today.

Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE:EW) has returned 930% in the last decade. The company was born in 1960 when Miles "Lowell" Edwards invented an artificial heart valve and successfully placed it into a patient -- and the company has been innovating in the same field ever since. After being spun-off from Baxter International in 2000, it has done one other thing: Return value to shareholders. In fact, it has returned over 3,350% in its life as a public company, and nearly 48% year-to-date.

The company is unlikely to provide another 10-bagger to investors from its current $25 billion valuation, but it isn't done growing just yet. Edwards Lifesciences has increased revenue from $1.9 billion in 2012 to $2.5 billion in 2015, representing growth of 31%, while EPS has increased 83% in the same period. Things are expected to be even better in 2016: Management is guiding for full-year sales and EPS growth of up to 20% and 24%, respectively. With steady growth, little debt, and products that will only become more important as the global population ages, Edwards Lifesciences is as reliable of an investment as you can find.


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