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10 Potential Catalysts For A McDonald's Turnaround In 2015 (Part 2)

Wow! That was a dismal quarter and a forgettable year for McDonald's.

Ever since the company reported Q4 and FY2014 results on January 23, there has been a flood of McDonald's (MCD) articles appearing on Seeking Alpha. For the most part, these results were already reflected in the stock price, which was proven by the minimal price movement immediately before and after earnings.

Of much more consequence to the stock was what happened on the evening of January 28 when CEO Don Thompson announced his imminent retirement. While the stock merely waffled (down around 2%) under the pressure of truly miserable earnings, it soared as much as five percent the day after Thompson's announcement and has continued going up ever since.

The quarter was horrible by almost every measure. As I discussed in part one of this series, which lists five catalysts for a MCD turnaround beginning this year, Mickey… Read More …