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Do Retailers Need to Be Hawk-Eyed This Holiday Season?

With the holiday season coming up, competition will surely be tough, whether at brick-and-mortar stores or online, and retailers need to be hawk-eyed to make the most of it. It goes without saying that retailers are gearing up for the holiday season so that they can better serve their patrons.

The holiday season is the time when retailers are well on their toes, flooding the markets with offers and promotions. They will sweep buyers off their feet with early-hour store openings, huge discounts, promotional strategies, and free shipping on online purchases. Since the season accounts for a sizeable chunk of yearly revenues and profits, retailers will grab every opportunity to drive footfall.

The Sector Holds Promise

Retailers are efficiently allocating a large chunk of their capital toward a multi-channel growth strategy focused on improving merchandise offerings, developing IT infrastructure to enhance the web and mobile experience of customers, renovating stores with a modern look, developing fulfillment centers to enable speedy delivery, implementing an enterprise-wide inventory management system as well as enhancing their relationship with existing and new customers.

Given the rebounding U.S. economy, the retail space is brimming with optimism, and retailers will leave no stone unturned to make the most of the season. A gradual recovery in the housing market and manufacturing sector, along with an improving labor market and lower gasoline prices, are favoring the economy and playing...