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Google has the ability to rig the 2016 election … with no one the wiser. Here’s the science (and algorithms)

OK, Google. Just don’t be evil. Yeah, but would fixing the elections so the Republicans lose really be that evil?  Heck, one could even argue that would be the opposite of evil.

How is this any different than Fox News? Seriously, Fox only runs pro GOP stories and anti DEM stories.  Their bias is close to 100%. Any Fox viewer will be greatly skewed to vote for the GOP.  The data that they receive is skewed, conclusions would be skewed. The only answer to this imagined outrage is regulation. Google should be broken up. They are obviously a cog of the liberal machine. It’s time to make our country great again and then only way to achieve that is with a free press so that us voters don’t get hoodwinked.

“Google’s search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more”
Big deal. About 60 percent of ALL voters are total water-heads that could be swayed by free t-shirt.

Does anybody at PNAS have training in statistical methodology?  Their demographics table lists 36 demographic variables.  Just considering Study 1 (which has a lower observation count, thus will make it harder to find statistical differentiation between two samples), of those 36 variables, 26 are statistically  different from the U.S. population.  The experiments were testing a population that is  not like the U.S. on 2/3rd of the demographic variables.
I like the idea behind the paper, but please, Epstein needs to tone down his conclusions.  You can’t say much of anything about the results holding for the U.S. population if you’re experiments aren’t even coming close to resembling the country’s demographics.

Google’s official comment on SEME research is always the same: “Providing relevant answers has been the cornerstone of Google’s approach to search from the very beginning. It would undermine the people’s trust in our results and company if we were to change course.”